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    I am using the Vortex theme, and I CANNOT figure out how to modify heading sizes. I modified the CSS content for “Headings,” (H1, H2, etc). I played around with it to make sure it was in the right section, and I was able to successfully modify the font, but the sizes don’t change. I assume this is due to some other content style or something. The heading I’d like to change is based on a menu, which is populated by page name, so I think it might be something related to PHP? I don’t know. I don’t totally understand CSS or PHP. Here’s one of the pages:

    I’d really just like to modify the giant “Welcome” to be smaller than the logo font.

    Do I need to paste code here? Just in case, here’s the heading section. This is as it comes straight from the stylesheet. I modified in the CSS Edit section. Basically changed the font to Courier. I also had to change the individual H1, H2, etc. sections to have a B after them because that seemed to be causing an error since they were already defined previously. Anyway, modifying Font Size does nothing.

    [No CSS needed here – it’s all visible on your site]

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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