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    How do I change the format of the events as they appear on the page?

    1) I only want to display certain information
    2) Display the information in a certain order
    3) Display the featured image
    4) Display a link associated with the event
    5) Display the categories
    6) Display the date in start time and end time in a format like this: Date from Start TIme to End Time.


    I have been looking through documentation all morning and haven’t found answers. I’m sure I overlooked something and hope someone here can help.


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  • Never mind. I finally discovered the list.php file and the single.php file. It looks like that is where I will customize. First I copied it to the “events” directory of my theme so it will be safe from plugin upgrades.

    Issue 4 & 6 above are still in question. How do I display a link associated with an events. I’m using Custom Fields, perhaps I can use that? Let me know if anyone has a solution. This will be a link to RSVP for the event through a 3rd party system.

    How do I change the date and time format like this: Date from Start TIme to End Time.


    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey jligda. Thanks for the note here, and for confirming that you’d gotten a couple of these items sorted.

    Regarding #4: you would need the PRO version to accomplish this; it includes custom event attributes, one of which can be a link/URL, that can appear in the events metabox atop the page with the rest of the details (time, date, venue, organizer, etc). More on the PRO release is here:

    For #6, assuming I understand it correctly: can’t you control this via your overall WordPress date/time settings? Or am I missing the ultimate goal here?

    Let me know and I can continue to try pointing you in the right direction. Thanks!

    Thanks! Yes, I did discover the answer to #6. It was simply changing the date format ‘Y-m-d G:i’

    #4 I solved by hijacking one of the other unused fields (organizer name), but if the client is not happy with it I will suggest the upgrade to the PRO version. I appreciate the support and efforts!

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Awesome to hear you got this sorted! Great job figuring it out, and thanks for confirming as much here in the thread. Going to mark it RESOLVED since it looks like you’re all set but please let me know if you need anything else in the future.

    Thanks a ton for using The Events Calendar. If you ever find yourself with a free moment and wouldn’t mind writing us a positive review here on dot-org, or even just giving a “Works” rating, it’d mean a lot to us. Thanks again and have a great week.

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