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  • I installed the WP Google Fonts plugin and selected a new font family for all font types inside the plugin settings. But it only worked to change the font for the body text of my pages. I added this:

    body {
    font-family:Lato, sans-serif;

    to the custom CSS tab in the theme settings. So that changed the font for my blog’s subtitle and some widgets as well.

    But the blog title, menu, widget headings, and all links are still in Arial. How can I fix this so it is displaying the google fonts everywhere? Someone posted a video in another support forum that says to remove all previous references to font-family in the style.css file, but the Custom Community theme doesn’t keep anything useful in that file and I can’t find where else the font-family stuff would be to remove it.

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  • Hello Ryann,

    Taking a quick look at your theme shows that the Google fonts plugin settings are being overruled in the CSS set by your custom theme (just to confirm what you thought).

    One way to overrule the overrulings is to add a CSS selector that trumps the others to each element you want to your custom CSS box in WP Google Fonts for your font. So, for your specific theme something like:

    #outerrim h1{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim h2{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim h3{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim h4{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim h5{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim h6{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim blockquote{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim p{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}
    #outerrim li{ font-family:"Lato", arial, sans-serif;}

    Thanks Aaron! Unfortunately adding that to the CSS box in the theme settings didn’t help (I have it in there now if you want to take a look). I wonder if I’m not pasting it correctly… should the code you posted go inside any particular tags, or do I just paste it directly into the CSS box as-is? (which is what I tried)

    Have you tried placing the CSS inside the WP GOOGLE FONTS Custom CSS (optional) box? This works for me.

    Nice, just what I needed. But what about the menu font, it seems to me that it is not included in tha above css-code. Any idea to change that too?

    Hi I am having the same problem with custom community. I can change all fonts apart from the menu font with css. Does anyone know the code that would specify the menu? Much appreciated

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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