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  • I am trying to change the permalink of page from /pioneer-2 to /pioneer. I have deleted the previous version of the Pioneer page after creating a duplicate which I named ‘test’. I understand that I can’t name a page when there is another page with the same name but there is no other page named Pioneer anymore as it’s been permanently deleted.

    I’ve been looking through the Forums and have tried all the suggested help, like changing the name and updating the page without saving the new name, keeping it highlighted and updating…. none of those suggestions have worked.

    We’ve already publized the link with /pioneer so i’m really hoping that someone can help me to solve this challenge.

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  • Maybe a page/post with the same permalink still exists, might wanna try using this plugin

    to delete them.

    Thanks I downloaded that plugin but don’t see how to use it. The plugin webpage is in Italian…

    got the plugin to work but it didn’t fix the problem. any other suggestions?

    Did you permanently deleted your post, a good option is to go to all posts > thrash > delete the previous version permanently

    If you know how to access Phpmyadmin from your hostings Panel, you can try to run the following SQL code in the SQL tab:

    select id, post_title, post_name from wp_posts where post_name like “%pioneer%”;

    to list all the post and pages that uses “pioneer” URL, so you can verify it.

    Yes, I’ve permanently deleted the trash. I don’t know how to access the PHPmyadmin from my hosting panel, but maybe i’ll give it a try. I use Hostgator and they are usually pretty helpful.

    The ironinc thing is that i’ve been able to make changes to other WP sites that i administer…

    Yes, Hostgator accounts do have Phpmyadmin (if you have cPanel option included in the feature list)

    Hi David, I found the Phpmyadmin in Hostgator. How do I know which database to query?

    If you edit the wp-config.php file using the File Manager, you will see the database name, username, password, etc. you are using for your WordPress site.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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