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  • A while back I had this problem where every post-other than the most recent/top was shifted an inch or so to the right. So I went into the CSS stylesheet and edited the .post-content line to say:
    .post-content { width: 580px; margin: 0 0 10px; float: left; background: #fff; padding: 26px 95px; position: relative; }
    and it solved my problem. Now, about a week later I have some free time, I’m back to working on my site, and I add a new post but it has caused my current bottom post/least recent post to be shifted towards the left. I don’t really know where to look to solve this as it seems that my solution it is not within that .post-content line. I really want to get my site finally working properly so I can start using it instead of spending all of my time trying to make it look right! Thank you so much to anybody who can help me! 🙂

    is there any way to mass center all of my posts using briefed so I don’t have to keep figuring this out every time i want to post something new?
    My website is

    note: i edited the padding in that line the first time around

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  • You should only need:

    width: 580px;
    margin: 0 auto;

    That automatically centers a block element. Get rid of the rest of what you’ve tried.

    You also have some mark-up errors that are also causing some of the problems — the open or extra tags.

    Beyond that, you should contact Woo Themes for help — as support is part of what you pay for with a commercial theme — and they are not generally supported here.

    So are you saying I should direct my remaining questions towards Woo Themes?
    I do have one more question along this line, but if it is better to be directed towards them, I have no problem asking them.

    Regardless, thank you so much for your help-while this didn’t solve the problem completely, and the layout is still a bit off, it is at least UNIFORMLY off haha. Which is a lot less intimidating for me to try and solve! Thanks again

    at least UNIFORMLY off haha

    LOL! Yeah, it’s best if you ask on Woo Themes site — as they really know how their themes are set up and intended to work, etc. And really, if you paid for the theme, they should be providing support.

    You can also learn a lot about how CSS works by playing around with a tool like Firebug or Chrome Inspect Tool. This is also a good CSS reference:

    hmmmm not to bother you again.. but apparently woothemes support is only available on weekdays… So if anybody here is capable of giving me a further bit of assistance I would REALLY appreciate it as I will be away from internet access for about a week come monday!

    After applying the change you advised with my width and margin. I returned to my site to see my bottom posts nicely centered..but suddenly my most recent/top post is shifted to the left slightly. A problem I thought I could likely solve with a bit of troubleshooting..

    -Now just a bit of insight: I usually edit my site on google chrome and use safari to view it. Basically just to avoid having to log in and out to see it without the dashboard menu at the top..and i guess just sort of by habit-

    Anyways… After noticing this new top-post-shifting issue I messaged woothemes then returned to my site via Google chrome, rather than Safari, to not only to see my original issue unresolved but now my posts have a white border around them (on chrome only) (its hard to see as my background is only ever-so-slightly NOT white)

    I’m really feeling like i’ve got something cataclysmic on my hands.. any suggestions?

    Am I going to have to start over or something? Thank you so much to anybody with glimpse of insight for me!

    somehow changing my main width to 800px (matching it to my main.fullwidth) seemed to solve all of my problems….. I do not understand how, or how I somehow, by chance, I decided to try that.. but i guess my issue is resolved………. 😀 ! ?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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