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  • I want to update my website to the newer version of WordPress but i’m being told to back up my site to keep from losing files but i don’t have a clue on how to do that… can somebody please help??

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  • This, along with other great info can be found with a simple search on all major search engines – it is most important when searching to include the most relevant term first: search Google for “WordPress backup” – OK?


    Koo Seacoast Web Design.. ima try that now. I appreciate you taking the time to address this for me.
    Quick question: Do you know anything about the error that says “cheatin’ uh?” when i try and upload a preview picture??

    It is most likely a theme or plugin – try switching to unedited default theme and deactivate all plugins….test if issue still occurs – if it does not, switch theme back, test, activate plugins one at a time, test, to reveal the culprit.

    It appears some code changes in 3.4 caused some themes and plugins that were not written properly to cause this issue.

    Dear Seacoast Web Dsegn

    Very good thank you lol

    Thanks bro.. ima back up my sites then try and find out whats going on.. i guess i have to update to the new WordPress 3.4.2. Hopefully that can help as well

    @ashaf…I am here to help when I can…

    @moe_jizzles…YW, also.

    Please mark this posts as resolved only once you also post how this was fixed…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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