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    Trying to find out how to make articles disappear from the front page and archive them.

    I can assign a category to the articles and they are automatically archived by month, but they still appear on the front page. As you can imagine, the front page is getting a bit long. Nothing on the Forum or in the Help Documentation…

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  • I think you misunderstand what a WP archive really is. In the traditional sense, to archive means to remove from a set and place in an archive set. In WP, an archive is just a list of posts that meet certain conditions, it does not remove posts from meeting previous conditions.

    So, to remove posts from your front page, they must be excluded from that selection. How you do this depends on your theme. A link to your site might get you some help.

    Under Dashboard >> Settings >> Readings:

    Change the number of Posts to be displayed on the front page to a smaller number.

    Some also only have the top two or so posts full text then use “Read More” to show only the first paragraph or two of the older Posts so the page is not so long but readers can still get a feeling of what the article is about and do they really want to read the whole article.

    Saildude’s suggestion will limit the number of posts shown, but they will still show up as you page through. If you really want to remove them, you may need to modify some of your templates.

    This is great. Thanks for the replies all!

    I was indeed looking to show only a limited number of posts on the front page. Thanks Saildude!

    Glad you got an answer! Now, please use the dropdown at top right to mark this topic ‘Resolved’ (but don’t post a reply to this).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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