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    I’d like to change the » charcter that separates the blog name and post name ( » ) in a wordpress 2.1 blog. I can’t find the character anywhwere in the post.php or page.php files but yet it appears before the wp_title. Is this character insterted in the fly from the my sql side? Is there a way I can remove it or change it?


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  • Check (most likely) your theme’s header. And look for » — that’s what makes a »

    I looked there and nothing. Where ever I use or move the <?php wp_title(); ?> code the » preceds it. Example:
    If I alter page.php in the theme so the Page title appears before the blog info …like this…

    ..<title><?php wp_title(); ?> | <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></title>..

    The page title appears like this:
    » Pagetitle | blogInfo

    I just want to drop the “»” but I don’t see it anywhere in the code…I Know waht I’m looking for —- & r a q uo ;
    Am I crazy?

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    Does your theme have a header.php? That’s where I’d be looking.

    Yes it does, but there is no indication of the & r a q uo ; code anywhere:

    Are signatures not allowed ?
    …oops…nevermind that question…

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    Here is why I don’t think this is part of the theme or header:
    (beside that fact I can’t find the code anywhere)

    If I move <?php wp_title(); ?> into the meta keywords area of a given page and then examine the keyword meta after the page is generated it includes the & r a q uo ; before the wp_title in the keyword meta data.

    It appears to me as if the & r a q uo ; charcater is generated as part of the <?php wp_title(); ?>.

    Does that make any sense. I’m puling my hair out and there isn’t a whole lot left 🙂

    Odd. I don’t recall that being hard-coded anywhere. And, assuming I found your blog, you have two of ’em in the <title>!

    Let’s take another tack: Can you copy your theme’s header.php over to and post the link back here?

    I’d like to have a peek at it.

    wp_title automatically outputs the symbol. Just pass the argument ” to the title and it should work.
    <?php wp_title('');?>

    … and this is why we shouldn’t try and do support with a 100+ fever and flu.

    I’m so sorry for wasting your time, emortell.

    Ok done.

    Thanks or tying to unravel this with me.

    “assuming I found your blog”
    This issue is not with my Captain’s blog 🙂
    I am too afraid to upgrade that one to ver 2.1 for fear I’ll kill all my links and loose my posts.

    this is why we shouldn’t try and do support with a 100+ fever and flu.”
    Ahah I knew something had to have been wrong.

    If for some reason you actually need it to show up in other places and only want it to remove just first one:
    <?php echo trim(wp_title('&raquo;',false), '&raquo; ');?>

    No waste of time at all. I apreciate any help I can get 😉
    Feel Better!

    Thanks very much for solving my issue!

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