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    Okay, so I’m trying to add the contents of one page to another page. Well, eventually I want to add several pages’ contents to a single page. But, we’ll just use the simplest case scenario for now.

    So, the description of this plugin says “…add one or more posts into any page.”

    Is it possible to specify just a single, specific Page?

    Technically a single post with the type=page and … ? What?

    How do I specify a specific page (one assumes by its post_id value)? I assume there should be an option here for post_id=83 or something similar? Like [posts-to-page type=page post_id=83] or [posts-to-page type=page post=83]?

    I don’t see anything in the parameters specified on the plugin’s homepage to allow for this?

    Is it something you support, or could support at a future time? It would be REALLY handy! Especially if it were recursive. For instance, if you could make a page out of “pulled in” other pages, and then make a super page out of pages composed of other pulled in pages? Assuming all the logic worked as expected and it did in fact pull in the sub-sub pages that way when pulling in the referred sub-page. Make sense?

    And I’d like it to pull the entire contents of the page, as formatted (maybe with the option to suppress the title or leave it; I think the shortcode already supports title leave/suppress with show_title=true), as opposed to simply, for instance, showing a snippet and a ‘read more’ link.

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  • Hmm, so I’ve tried a couple parameters (not listed on the plugin page).


    All of them make the page hang wile loading indefinitely.

    I can take off the parameter and add in

    limit=1 show_date=false show_author=false

    Which DOES show a single page, and it looks pretty perfect, honestly. But I have no control over which page shows up it seems to just insert the first page it finds.

    What’s needed here is a way to specify one or more pages, like the Posts In Page plugin:

    [ic_add_posts ids=’1,2,3′] – show one or many posts by specifying the post ID(s) ( specify all post types )

    If I could do this and specify specific post IDs to be displayed and the order in which to display them (for instance ids=’1,2,4′ would display in a different order in the resulting ‘parent’ page than would specifying ids=’1,4,2′). Or, one could instead just specify multiple instances of the shortcode on the page, one or each child page to insert, with different parameters for each.

    That would be extraordinarily handy.

    Is this possible? If not, could the functionality be borrowed from Posts In Page and added to Posts to Page? ^_^

    Truly, this one extra parameter could make life easier for a lot of people. And then you could advertise this not just as “Posts To Page” but as “Posts&Pages To Page.” There’s a need & this seems like it would do a good job of filling it, should this minor tweak be made (or if it’s already possible, then adding the parameter to the parameter list would be really helpful).

    Plugin Author Bloafer


    Issue will be tracked on GitHub

    Cool. 🙂 Look forward to seeing if things can work that way… I think it’ll come in really handy.

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