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  • When adding a new Post or comments to my page, how do I get it to appear below the existing older content, instead of above it? Right now, if I add a new Post or comment, it gets added above whatever is already on the page instead of below it. I want all future posts to be added chronologically from oldest at the top to newest towards the bottom, but WordPress appears to be doing the exact opposite. I searched the Admin, and wasn’t able to find any option to reverse it.

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  • That’s how the blogs “normally” work 🙂
    Search – there were similar requests for reverse order.

    This WordPress Support blog is a good example of a blog that works in reverse order. I tried a search for “reverse order posting” and found this:

    Which blog is “this blog”?

    This blog we are posting on now. 🙂

    This isn’t a blog.

    It’s time to learn what a blog is. And what’s the difference between a forum and a blog.

    This isn’t a blog? I guess this is really more of a forum, that’s using blogging software. I’m probably not exactly sure what the true definition of a blog is.

    In your experience, which order helps a blog do better on Google, and Yahoo? I could keep it the way it is now, if it will help it rank better on the search engines. I am using my blog to quickly build up new content pages that will do well on the search engines.

    It is NOT using a blogging software 🙂


    I was totally unaware this forum was using a completely different software. Up until now I thought this was WordPress. Do WordPress blogs generally do much better on Google and Yahoo than forums using bbpress? I guess the newer content added from the top down would make the content far more dynamic which Google really likes.

    No clue…. my blogs do better than the fora I run. Then again, my fora are very small and very private, while I post quite frequently on my blogs.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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