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  • Just Go to add new post put your title and upload image

    Thanks… but, sorry – that’s not what I meant. I can add images to Posts, no problem – what I want to do is add my logo to the top of every page… actually in the Template. I’m familiar with CSS but a total newbie to PHP, so I should be able to work out the specifics once I’m shown which files in the Theme need to be modified.

    I think it depends on the theme you want to use.
    Let’s, for example, take the default theme for wordpress 2.8.4.

    If we navigate to the actual folder where the theme is located and open the theme folder, there’s a folder called ‘images’.

    Now it all depends on where you want your logo. For the purpose of this I’ll assume you wanna put your logo in the header.

    Within that images folder there’s a file called ‘header-img.php’. If you read this you’ll see that it references the image called ‘kubrickheader’ also within the ‘images’ folder. (Kubrickheader is the big ass blue block that shows on every page.

    So luckily you don’t have to edit any code. Simply edit the image called ‘kubrickheader’ with some sort of image editing software and superimpose your logo wherever you want it.

    Be careful not to change the size or type of image. Try to just add your logo. I haven’t tested the reprecussions of such changes but I’m sure its not gonna end well.

    I would recommend making a backup of the theme folder and then you can play as much as you like. And should something go wrong then simply delete the broken folder and use the backup again. 🙂


    I haven’t had the time to test this out but I’d really like to know if it worked for you. Let us know.

    That’s it – thanks! I was trying to add the logo in at CSS level… never occurred to me to look at the Header image and modify that. Very pleased with the result, there to see at – thanks again.

    Awesome. Glad I could help. Good work with the site. looking good

    Hey srlagarto I really like what you did with your site

    I had a few questions…

    1) How exactly did you upload your new logo in place of “kubrickheader.jpg” I created a new logo the same size as kubrickheader.jpg but I don’t get how to upload it.

    2) How did you change the background color to match your logo?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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