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    Hi Darius,

    If you have some PHP code knowledge then you could do this very easily.

    Here the instructions:

    1) Locate file appointment-calendar-shotcode.php in plugin directory

    2) Around line no. 96 you found a comment like as:

    //send notification & chech mail type

    3) Here we are checking the Email Type & Creating a Subject & Body for sending emails to Admin & Client/Customer. If you want to notify particular staff then call function according to Email Type you saved in Notification Settings as:

    For PHP

    //client mail
      mail($recipent_email, $subject_to_recipent, $phpmail_body_for_recipent, $headers);
    // admin mail
      mail( $admin_email, $subject_to_admin, $phpmail_body_for_admin, $headers);

    For WP Mail

    //recipient mail
     wp_mail( $recipent_email, $subject_to_recipent, $wpmail_body_for_recipent, $headers, $attachments = '' );
    // admin mail
     wp_mail( $admin_email, $subject_to_admin, $wpmail_body_for_admin, $headers, $attachments = '' );

    For SMTP Email

    // admin mail
     $Email->notifyadmin($hostname, $portno, $smtpemail, $password, $admin_email, $subject_to_admin, $body_for_admin, $BlogName);
    // client email
     $Email->notifyclient($hostname, $portno, $smtpemail, $password, $admin_email, $recipent_email, $subject_to_recipent, $body_for_recipent, $BlogName);

    I hope this will help you a lot.


    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for great and quick support.
    My problem solved thank you.


    Plugin Author a.ankit


    Hey Darius,

    If you are happy with the plugin and the support, would you mind leaving a review?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    This no longer appears to be an accurate solution. Can you update us on how to do this in the current code?

    Also, I don’t know if your fix is just to include email addresses of those who were added as Staff members in the calendar, or if there is a way to include multiple email addresses that are not attached to anyone in the calendar system.


    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Designernaut,

    Just tell us what exactly do you want?

    We will help you to achieve this.


    Hello Frank,

    I have a similar problem as “DariusSpaManager”. I’m using your free version of Appointment Calendar. There are 2 trainers sharing the calendar. There will be more added soon. All emails go to the admin. I need to get bookings made for the co-worker be sent to him and not the admin. Before I make changes to code in appointment-calendar-shortcode.php I wanted to be sure it’s right.

    Here is the website page with calendar: As you can see I did manage to change the color for each trainer in the appointment-calendar-shortcode.php file. Now one is Red, and one is Green which helps each see their own appointments at a glance, cool.

    There are 2 personal trainers on 1 website. One is the owner/admin the other a co-worker. How can both receive individual emails that notifies them about an appointment? As it is now all appointments go to the main admin email (the owner) and he has to forward them to his co-worker! This is not good for business.

    Should I add an new email account for the co-worker in the WP Users area? Then add code to the appointment-calendar-shortcode.php file to call that additional email?

    Under Notifications Settings in the calender the email is now WP Email. If I create another email here for the co-worker will that override the Admin email? Or will both be noted? I’m really not sure what steps to take.

    One other item: the color coded look works fine on the front end, but it’s all green in the admin panel. Can I change this so it matches the colors red and green as the code calls it to do?

    Does my client need to consider updating to the paid version to do these changes? I think it’s $99 for a year.

    Thanks so much for your help.


    Plugin Author a.ankit



    Just dropped you a mail.. you are Bart.. right?


    Yes I’m Bart a.k.a. ibmacn.

    Please send me the hack in the code so I can send notifications to muitple email address.


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