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  • I’ve just created a my first skin with WP. Everything was pretty straight forward except for the slightly more complicated homepage layout.

    On the homepage I want:

    Row 1 (1 column): header
    Row 2 (1 column): horizontal nav
    Row 3 (2 columns): Intro section AND Promo section
    Row 4 (3 columns): Service highlight box 1 AND box 2 AND box 3
    Row 5 (2 columns): Footer, split into 2 columns

    Can somebody let me know the best way to achieve this. I’m fine with the CSS, etc. Just need to know the technique for getting the content into the various sections.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Since you’re mixing column-ness, you might try a one-column theme and then editing the PHP for the various plugs-in to give them CSS classes when they render into the HTML, then in your style.css file, you’ll need to add new classes to the file (I put my custom classes at the bottom, to keep things tidy) for them to use.

    Then again, you could just find a theme with the layout you want, and edit the pre-existing CSS and replace the images with your own. That’s what I’m doing with my website.

    —Adam Johnson INDEPENDENTgeek

    Thanks Adam

    I’ve already created the theme and the relevant CSS. All is sweet. At the moment the site is on my dev computer with a completely static homepage (ie. content straight into the page). But, that’s not great and I want to be able to manage the content via WP.

    The problem is that I’m not used to WP. I’m not sure how to add content to specific sections, or what data type to use (page, post, excerpt, etc).

    If I draw page content in, won’t the page also appear in my nav?
    If I draw post content in, won’t the post also appear in my blog?

    WP seems pretty straight forward, but I could really use a good tutorial on complex homepage layout. I’m trying to use it as a CMS (with blog functionality) rather than a straight blog.

    Any help, links, etc., would be welcome & appreciated.


    What I’m trying to achieve is similar to the layout of this page: (ie. several blocks of content).

    WP seems great, but I need quite a lot of flexibility for homepage design/ layout. I’m sure that this is achievable with WP, but have no idea where to start looking.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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