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  • Plugin Author royho


    Just drag multiple images into the media box.

    @royho, that’s just awesome
    just tried and it works great!

    one small thing though, the gallery doesn’t have any borders around the image. this is what i have: what i have

    the thumbnails have no spacing

    i’ve been reading up and see on this page where they discuss image galleries that they have a border around the image: woothemes gallery

    any idea how i can have a border like this?

    i don’t want to go hacking css files if i can achieve through general settings
    i’ve tried changing themes and the problem is still the same

    let me know if u can suggest anything


    Plugin Author royho


    This is done in CSS…everyone’s site is different and have different needs and style so you must style it to the way you want.

    @royho, thanks for the reply

    i had a look around and came across this website:

    i can see this in the styles.css file:

    .thumbnails .attachment-shop-thumb {
    	margin: 0 4px 0px 0;
    	width: 65px;
    .thumbnails {
    	width: 105%;

    .thumbnails – i assume this is a wordpress variable?
    .attachment-shop-thumb – i assume this is woocommerce?

    changing either changes the thumbnails on the page

    let me know


    Plugin Author royho


    It really doesn’t matter if it comes from the theme or the plugin, as long as you can make changes, you will be fine. And you don’t need to alter the core files. You can simply override that in your own css file of your theme for example.

    thanks for that
    i think i’ll have a go at writing my own plugin
    best not to over ride the plugin or theme – all changes lost for every update

    Plugin Author royho


    You don’t need to write a plugin for CSS changes. If you’re using custom theme, your theme should provide instructions for any custom CSS you want to add so it doesn’t get overridden. If it doesn’t have that, then I suggest you switch themes as any reputable theme should have that function.

    aaah… yes!!
    thank u!
    ur absolutely right – just seen it

    i think a plugin would be useful for others – u can just install and configure external to anything else
    but, i won’t need to bother with that

    u just saved me a lot of time 🙂
    *thank u*

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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