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How Do I Add Links To This Sidebar?

  • Currently, this is what my Sidebar looks like:

    <!– begin sidebar –>
    <div id=”menu”>
    <span id=”menu_tab_posts” class=”menu” style=”; background-color: #000; border-left: #000 1px solid;” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_posts’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_posts’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_posts’);”> home </span><span id=”menu_tab_archives” class=”menu” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_archives’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_archives’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_archives’);”> archives </span><span id=”menu_tab_categories” class=”menu” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_categories’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_categories’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_categories’);”> categories</span><span id=’menu_tab_links’ class=”menu” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_links’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_links’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_links’);”> links </span><span id=’menu_tab_pages’ class=”menu” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_pages’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_pages’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_pages’);”>vintage fix</span><span id=’menu_tab_meta’ class=”menu” onmouseover=”overTab(‘menu_tab_meta’);” onmouseout=”outTab(‘menu_tab_meta’);” onclick=”switchTab(‘tab_meta’);”> meta </span>
    <!– end sidebar –>

    I am wondering how I would add links to this so it will go with the theme. I tried several things and the best I could get is for the mouseover to work but no link.



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