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    Ok, I’m sure I’ll get RTFM’s and feel like an idiot after this post but… I cannot figure out how to add a blank page to my WordPress blog.

    What I want to do is create an “About” page and a “contact me” page and maybe a few others like “photos”, essays, etc. I can add an “about” or “contact” page, but I always wind up with a full blog-post page complete , with header, dates, comments (or a “Comments are closed” msg if I don’t permit comments).

    This should be a no-brainer, and probably is. But I’ve fought to do this for weeks and get the same results every time.

    What am I missing? Thanks and apologies in advance.

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  • Sounds like a theme thing. You might want to read up on Pages — in particular, look at the section on making your own Page templates (like, without comment sections and such).

    Thanks for the link, but I’m not getting the message. All I see is blank – which of course is what I want. How did you get it? –Ed

    but I always wind up with a full blog-post page complete , with header, dates, comments (or a “Comments are closed” msg if I don’t permit comments).

    Sounds like you are clicking on the “Create Post” link instead of the “Create Page” link.

    From the dashboard click on WRITE > WRITE PAGE.

    Thanks for all the replies. In no particular order…

    1) I’m using “Write page” and never “write post” from the Write menu. I still wind up with posts.

    2) I’ve read the “Pages” section and found nothing about blank pages. I’ll go back and double-check templates, but…

    3) A “theme thing”? I’ve changed themes, and used for a while the Classic WP theme, but I never seem to get results any different from above.

    Sigh. I know other sites create blank pages, I just wish I could figure out why I can’t.


    Define “blank Page”.
    If you meant a white screen without the theme’s layout – no, you cannot do it.
    As for showing comments link and stuff like that (which are more post related) – you need to edit those out from the page.php deafult Page template.

    If you meant a white screen without the theme’s layout – no, you cannot do it.

    Actually you can, by creating a Page template with a Template Name: header and nothing else, then assigning that to a Page. I’m just not sure *why* someone would want to do that.

    Using their monitor as a flashlight in a dark room?

    By “blank page” I mean one with the normal header, sidebar, and footer of the blog, but without the posting info in the main area. There I want to put, say on one page, my “about” info, on another the “contact me” form. I’ll probably add some pics to another, a permanent essay to another, etc.

    What I get when I try it is the header, sidebar, footer, plus the complete posting apparatus (title, text, comments, posting info, date, category, etc). Thus creating an “about” page, it winds up solicits comments (or states they are closed), gives dates and categories, etc. I want that stuff to go away.

    Sounds like I might need to create a template removing that posting info from it, just leaving the rest. Right?


    May I ask:

    What are the steps to creating a Page Template with a Template Name: header and nothing else, then assigning that to a page?

    To both of you: Check out Pages.

    EdB – you could use Write Page to do about pages and such. The usual “The_Loop” in your Page template will get the page content onto the screen.

    More on create templates at the Pages link.

    Well, finally studying the Pages and Templates section of the WP documentation, I created a blank page with the header, sidebar and footer intact. The main area of the page is blank, which is what I wanted – to start.

    But my goal all along was to have a page that simply contained the above plus a “Contact Me” form (via eMail) and I can’t figure out how to put anything in the blank area. I assumed I’d just install a plugin and use the appropriate code, but either I get nothing or an echo of the plugin code [contact-form …] with no form. If I were using HTML I’m sure the code would work. But PHP?

    Am I going about all this the wrong way? Maybe my question should be, how do I put a “Contact Me” form on a separate page with NO posts apparatus but the rest of my blog info intact?

    Sorry to be such an idiot about all this.


    Your problem, Ed, is your theme. It’s set up so that when you create a “Page,” it still has the comments and post data (date, author, etc). Many themes do this. I use WordPress classic because I’m an old softy, and it does this.

    In some themes, you’ll be able to go into the “Edit Themes” section and select the “Page.php” file, then remove the “Comments” function and, if you like, the postdata functions.

    But it can be trickier. In WordPress Classic, for example, there is no Page.php. The page stuff is folded into the main Index.php. If this is the case with your theme, I suggest you don’t try to mess with the page area. Too many things might go wrong.

    You need to find yourself a theme that you KNOW, by default, has pages without comments or posting info. Check out to see a huge list of quality themes to choose from. You can click on “Test Run,” then look at a particular themes pages to see if they have comments or not. If not, you’re in business!

    If you absolutely must have your current theme, make sure it has an independent “Page.php” file, and editing the comments out should be pretty self explanatory once you get in there. Always refer to forums if you have problems. Always back up your files.

    And everyone else — unless I’m completely wrong — don’t concentrate on the phrase “blank pages” — he doesn’t actually want the pages to be blank, he wants his contact info on them. What he wants is no comments/no post date, etc… “Blank” in that way.

    = )

    did this help b/c it did me…thanks!

    i wanted to create a location page on my blog so that i could simply put the page title (location) and then embed the map…but i didn’t want the posting date or the comment/category links on there under the content.

    so, i went into the page.php and removed the information about the post date, comments, categories.

    create your new page and you have the ‘post content’ area blank (i left my title on there) and the header, bg, sidebars, etc are still all in-tact.

    Hey Ed – I totally get what you’re saying, and I’m wondering how to do this as well. I’m thinking that because this is a “blog” and not a website, we can’t code like we can using html, php, CMS or other standard website development systems…meaning perhaps we cannot add a page. Did you ever get a proper resolution? PLMK!

    Thanks – Kat

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