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  • Just can’t seem to figure it out and my google attempts haven’t led me to a solution. Help appreciated! Thanks

    for WP 3.3.1

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  • I’m guessing you’re talking about the photo gallery functionality built into the WordPress core? Here’s what to do…

    1) Go to Add New Post (or, Edit Post if you’re working with an existing post).
    2) Click the Upload/Insert button, located at the top of the panel where you insert your post’s content.
    3) Upload the images you’d like to include in your photo gallery.
    4) Edit the picture information (titles/alt info/etc) as needed.
    5) Scroll down and click the “Save Changes” button. Once it’s done saving, the upload panel will switch over to the gallery tab.
    6) Order your pictures in the order you’d like them to appear and save changes.
    7) Finally, set the options at the bottom for your gallery, then click the Insert Gallery button.

    The upload panel will close and a gray box with a gallery icon will show up in your post to represent where the gallery will be placed. As usual, you can click the Preview button to view your changes, Save Draft to save your changes, and Publish to go live with your post.

    Other notes:
    *The built-in gallery tool will use EVERY image attached to a post in the gallery. This means if you upload, say, a header image that you want to include at the top of your post but don’t want in your gallery, it’ll appear in your gallery anyway. I *think* you can get around this by uploading the image outside the post editor (directly to the Media Gallery) but not 100% sure.
    *If you have already uploaded your images to your post, but didn’t create a gallery, you can click the Upload/Insert button to bring up the upload panel, then click the Gallery tab. The gallery tab won’t appear unless one or more images have been uploaded and linked to the current post. The Insert Gallery button and options won’t appear unless two or more are uploaded & linked.
    *Image order doesn’t save automatically, nor will it save when you click Insert Gallery. If you change the image order, be sure to save this separately. That said, the order can be changed later, so it’s not a big issue if the order isn’t right on insert.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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