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  • Hi I have a completely HTML based website and want to add my blog to the site. I want to keep all my design the way it is, including my navigation. I just want to integrate the blog part. I guess what Im saying is I want the blog page to look exactly like the rest of my website without having to change all my website to WP. I have not found anything that will help me except a cut off video on youtube that does nothing for me, and a codex page that does not help either. Step by step would be great! Any help will be heaven sent. Thanx!

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  • You basically have to create a custom WordPress theme that looks exactly like your website. Your best bet is to start with a simple free WordPress theme and customize its code and stylesheet to look just like your HTML site. Its not a small project of its the first time you’ve done it. If you built the HTML site yourself and know some CSS its not too bad. Install the WP site in a folder, like so /blog will be in the URL of all your posts.

    Then you add the blog to the nav on all your HTML pages, linked to You can create the nav that includes the HTML site using WordPress custom menus links to external (non-WordPress) pages. Menus are on Dashboard menu / Appearance / Menu.

    That should be enough to get you started.

    Here is a very old article on what you want to do. The techniques have changed some but the principles are the same.

    I need instructions that are easy to follow. I built my site using some html, css and java script. I am not afraid of coding but is it necessary to learn php? Is there not a easier way?



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    but is it necessary to learn php

    You need to use some PHP, yes. See Integrating_Wordpress_with_Your_Website.

    ok I went thru the link you posted… question do I just add that code to my html?



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    You need to add the code to the start of each .php page

    so I have to make the html page into a php page?

    Do I have to make all of my other web pages into php as well?

    How do I convert my html page to a php page?

    <title> </title>
    <body >
    <h1> </h1>

    There is no need at all for you to convert your HTML page to a PHP page.

    What I was suggesting is you create a WordPress site within your domain that is
    1) separate from your HTML site
    2) looks exactly like your HTML site
    3) is your blog

    The article I linked you to explains how to do that.

    (Actually, if you really want to convert your HTML page to a PHP page, just change the file extension from .html to .php The PHP preprocessor will read it just fine, find no PHP code in it, and pass its HTML on to the web server untouched, to send to your browser. Instant PHP file. Then you can add whatever PHP you want to the file. That has nothing to do with WordPress however).

    ok I am sorry ,seriously.- but I am not getting it- there must be a realy easier explanation for this. I found this and this makes more sense to me but you cannot see what code hes changing.

    I have a
    I have a wordpress
    but I want the blog to use the navigation and everything within the website not to open in a external blank_page. I did it externally because I cannot create it within.


    Unfortunately explaining any further what you want to do is beyond the scope of what can be reasonably communicated on the support forum. What you are asking about is quite involved.

    You either have to start working on it and then ask questions on the forum about issues you run into, or else hire someone who knows how to do it to set it up for you.

    Well the point is I wanted to learn to do it so I can incorporate it to other jobs I am working on as well. Is there a way I can contact wordpress to find out further info? You have to be able to learn it somewhere!

    There’s really no WordPress to contact. WordPress is a free open source software made by a company called Automattic. They are not going to talk to you about teaching you.

    You have the forum, you have 100 or 200 WordPress related private blogs, videos all over the web you can find on Google.

    Look at it this way. If someone on a board who had never made an HTML website before and knew very little about it asked you how do I make my first website, and it has a strict list of requirements, how do you answer that question? Where do you start?

    I linked you to an excellent article about how to turn an HTML website into a WordPress theme. You don’t need to get rid of your HTML website but you do needa WordPress website that looks like your HTML website. So start there. Make a WordPress site that looks like your HTML site. Then you can use it for the blog part of your HTML site.

    You just need to start working on it. Install WordPress on a website, find a simple WordPress theme, and turn it into one that looks like your HTML website.

    Here’s another good (and old thus partially outdated) tutorial on making WordPress themes

    Start working with this stuff!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I do appreciate it!

    ok so I was able to change the look of the header and navigation in my header php. but I wanted the rest of the twenty ten structure to stay the same. here is the blog… I did nit touch the content.php and the footer.php. So why is it not looking that way?

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