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  • Hi,

    how do I add a Title Name for my site?

    example ( SomeSite.Com – Pictures – Mozilla Firefox )

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  • ANY1?

    goto options/general in your dashboard
    enter a weblog title..

    in your header, make sure you have something along these lines-
    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    Thing is I don’t want the text I type shows in the banner of the site cuz I made a custom one.

    so I need like editin in the PHPs or sutmin



    you mean more like this at ?

    Here is how I did it.

    Right click on the header image you want to change. Select the “open image” option.

    Now look at the directory path in the address bar of your browser. The last part is the name of the header or banner. Write that down on a piece of paper.

    Now open your ftp program up and navigate to the folder where that image was stored. Rename that image, just incase you want to use it later.

    Upload your new header or banner. You must rename the banner or header image to that of the original, and that should work for you.

    So basically you are just replacing the image using all the same file names and paths, with your new picture.

    Make sense?

    NAAAH not banner


    I want my site name appears on where I pointed in that pic^


    Please stop bumping this topic before a full day has gone by – it’s likely that most people now think you have your answer and also possible that those with a real answer for you live in some other timezone on the planet.

    But really, all you have to do to get what you want with this is put this in the head section in header.php:

    <title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> &raquo; Blog Archive <?php } ?> <?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    Note that if the head section of header.php already has a title tagset, you’ll need to replace it, not have two.

    If I added this code^

    my site’s name will be generated automatically?

    how will it know what I want to type?


    If you want the title bar to have specific text then in your header.php file just edit what is between the <title>blah blah</title> tags.

    Of course, that makes the title the same on all pages – which may not be ideal.


    Er…. does that mean it works the way you want? If so, please mark this topic resolved.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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