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  • Im currenty running the Foliage Mod theme (editied) over at I want to add a sidebar to this theme, but im not sure how to do it? the theme allows asides (wich i dont want) but I want the sidebar were the asides are. Is it doable, and if so how do i?

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    I have a wide range of experience with web design as I have been working with the internet for around seven years. I am fluent in HTML, CSS and PHP

    Hmmm… the above is a quote is from your website.
    Just re-design the theme to have a sidebar 🙂

    Assuming that he actually needs help:

    I find it easiest to keep a seperate sidebar.php so design a sidebar (usually some sort of ul in a div) and then import it into the files where it matters. Edit the css in style.css till you get what you want.

    So there is nothing that i have to be concerned with – in ters of what the sidebar must contain?

    Also how do i get the Ajax – simular posts function of the theme, it works on the authours site?

    A sidebar doesn’t even need to exist, unless you want one. Whatever you put inside it is up to you.

    Ok people, i got a sidebar on the page. but how do i re anrange my content to the side of the sidebar? (im not amaizng at css lol)

    this is the css for my sidebar

    margin-top: -23em;
    padding: 14px 0 10px 0;
    margin-left: 600px;
    width: 100px;

    Take a look at the shorts css. Your theme, “broad leaf”, has support for two columns build into it but only for asides. If you but your sidebar in the div that was designed for the css, it should work.

    btw, the link to your site in your profile has a comma in it.

    Ill take a look at it 🙂 thanks v much

    ok – i may have changed theme – but its still a Heminway variant. How do i get the AJAX stuff to work?

    “How do i get the AJAX stuff to work?”

    What “AJAX stuff” and where? Since you’ve changed the theme, what specifically is your end goal?

    Apologies – if you look at the theme – there is a ‘Simular’ and ‘freshness’ links on the authors site these links do things like show tagged posts and the freshess link shows new posts. It does this via scriptiolous and other AJAX stuff – the scirptis are in the theme, and it should work. Example : is an example. The links are there and they should work but they dont. Any ideas?

    That link is useless unless you specify a theme.

    sorrry the theme is fauxed 1.0 – does that help?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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