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  • I’m trying to customize the cutline 3 template. It doesn’t have a place on it named “pages” like the Kubrick theme does. How do I go about getting a pages link on the blog site? Thanks…

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  • If you are using widgets – just drag the Pages widget into the sidebar.

    If not, use the proper template tag:

    Thanks I’m really new to wp and I’m trying to learn it from reading tutorials and just poking around the dashboard. Where do I put that template tag?

    Wherever you want to display your pages. I assume you have two sidebar files: l_sidebar.php and r_sidebar.php, you may want to try one of those.

    Note. If you are going to use widgets, don’t bother to edit anything: widgets override any manual code.

    Gotcha, so do I drop that line of code anywhere in the sidebar.php file or does it have to go in a specific place in the file.

    Also where would I find that widget so I can try it out. Thanks….

    Hmmm… “that” widget is in your own admin panel.
    I guess it is time to learn the WP basics before you venture into theme customizing, don’t you think?
    admin > Themes > Widgets
    Rule of thumb: ALWAYS learn the basics of the tool you are using; in this case WP is the tool, and you should get familiar with all the buttons, menus and submenus in your admin panel.

    Thanks I figured it out. Still learning, I appreciate the help though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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