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  • I have looked and searched for this but cant find or have it worded wrong one, but can someone tell me is there a plug in or hack that i can use to shorten my post and place a more tag, in them. where just a little of the post shows on the front and then a link leads to open the rest to readers. i hope this makes sence, i need help please!!!

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  • Built in to the editor. Look real close at the buttons… Experiment a bit. 😉

    But not available as such in the RTE is it? Isn’t it only a button in the editor if you have the RTE disabled?

    is RTE the wysiwyg thing? It’s there too, but a very unlikely looking icon. 5th from the RIGHT, just left of the “tree” looking thingy.

    Yah, the wysiwyg thingie…. I wouldn’t EVER enable the damn thing, so glad to know from someone else the More tag is there in it too, thanks.

    lol, I had to turn it on just to go look. Great concept, but I have more interesting things to do then sort out <br /> and <p> pairs after every post I write. Dang thing is so inconsistent.

    Braver man than I am…. I didn’t want to get “contaminated”….

    But yeah – it’s VERY inconsistent according to everything I know about TinyMCE. And that’s including having run across it in programs like CubeCart (where disabling it is a practical impossibility in the version I’m using) and others.

    thanks so much!:)

    You’re welcome! Have fun….

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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