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  • Hello everyone, I am trying to understand how this works. I am looking at adding a phpBB to my website at and I am not sure how to go about doing that.

    I know they say to download it but what then?

    Also, does it take up a lot of space with hosting?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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  • That is so simple.

    1. Just install the phpBB host server database
    once install complete
    2.there you see Advanced Options to Update Location
    3.Enter the URL of the new location.

    4. sync done. then go back to your domain

    5. create blog page /youblog_forum

    Thats it.

    This is waht I am asking because I don’t completely understand.

    1. Do I have to get new hosting or is WordPress fine?

    2. I am only used to editing my site on the actual site wp-admin page so after I download the latest version of phpBB what do I do again?

    Where do I go and how to I install?

    Can someone please walk me through the process because I am new to this.


    @ MacMMA

    phpBB is totally different CMS. It has no relationship with WordPress. It would have to be a separate install.

    Why not just use bbPress?

    I tried installing that earlier today and got a Fatal Error message to the point that I had to go in to my FTP Manager and manually delete the plugin. I guess it’s not 3.4.2 ready. Are there any quality boards out there that I can use with wordpress like PunBB or seomthing? Does it have to be a wordpress plugin?

    @ MacMMA

    There are only a few forums that integrate seamlessly with WordPress. bbPress, Mingle Forum, Simple:Press and probably one or two others. bbPress is the de facto standard for WordPress integration.

    Maybe you should try Simple Press

    A lot of sites use phpBB has their forums, they just don’t integrate them very well or they basically use them as a separate site so to speak..

    Also, I use bbPress (the latest version) on three of my WordPress sites and they work flawlessly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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