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  • Hello –

    I am building my artist website, and I like the simplicity of just posting images without using gallery, lightbox, slide show, etc. I insert the image into the website at thumbnail size, and then clicking on it opens a new window with the full-size image. All good.

    Now, how do I make it so that other image window can be easily closed? I know the user can just close out that browser tab, but I’d really really like to have a little X in the corner of the image that the user can click to close it.

    I’ve tried various galleries and plugins in the past and none of them have the basic simplicity of just using the basic insert-post function. I don’t need camera info, slide shows, etc., and I do need up-close magnification, which I get with the basic image posting function.

    I tried reading about how to do a close-window command in W3c tutorials, but I don’t really understand how to integrate that kind of html into WordPress. I’m an artist, not a techie, and I’m just barely able to manage to understand the basics. I can cut and paste, though, if someone tells me where and how.

    My site is here and it’s a twenty-twelve child theme.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I don’t have a full answer, but I can warn you that you cannot close a window by script unless that script opened the window in the first place. The close window segment probably has to be javascript or jQuery, so you will need to modify the thumbnail links to open the large image window by script instead of using the target attribute. (I assume target is used, I don’t really know)

    Hope this at least points you in the right direction.

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