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  • I have the cose and would like to add a banner to the bottom of my home page. Can anyone tell me how to do this and exactly where to paste the code?


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  • in <site_root>/wp-content/themes/<your_theme>/footer.php probably.

    I’d have to see the page to tell you where I’d suggest pasting the code, etc.

    The site is Please let me know where you think the best place to add an affiliate banner from another site.


    For the bottom of your every page, the footer.php file for that theme is where the banner code goes.

    Okay. What is I want to add the banner right under the calendar on the sidebar? I havent created any widgets yet and don’t really know how. I need someone go to thru step by step so I can learn how to do it. Thanks for all of the help.

    I don’t see a need for a widgit to add banner code.

    When I put adsense code in my blog, I just copy and paste and save changes.

    Right click on ‘view site’ and look at it for placement. Repeat until satisfied.

    For the sidebar, edit sidebar.php in a text editor, the theme editor in the admin panel will work. Wordprocessor wont work because they typically save in a binary format only readble by a wordprocessor.

    copy and paste the banner code into sidebar.php

    Click on ‘save changes’ in the theme editor.

    If you use an offline text editor, upload the sidebar.php file via ftp into the same theme’s folder in your blog. Don’t use the upload facility in the blog, it wont put it where it needs to go.

    I read this and I see a language foreign to me. I have a blog I like to paste an affiliate code on. The problem with these codes is that they come with the same instruction; “copy the code and paste into the page of your site.”

    What page? Does it mean that each time I make a post I will do the whole operation again?

    If there are some kind souls out there, please help me with this, preferably through my email at My blog is at

    Joseph M. Dabon

    If you put it in header.php for the theme you are using, you will never have to add it again. It will always show on all posts and pages.

    You could also put it in footer.php for the theme you are using. Same result.

    What’s the purpose of this forum questions are left unanswered?

    I answered you. If you don’t understand I cannot help you further. My reply cannot be made any simpler than what I posted.

    I sometimes volunteer. I’m not paid to reply to anything here.

    what if you want a banner to appear 1/2 way down the page? or if you want a random banner after every 5 posts? Is that possible? I see blogs that have banner ads between post content, but I can’t figure out how they do it.

    One of those I can answer. For half way down the page:

    type a full page of text. Ten insert the banner code in the middle of the text. That is for one page.

    For a random banner, I would say a plugin would do that, but I don’t know if one exists that can do that. I don’t like adverts that break up my text, so I have never tried to find out how to do such a thing.

    Have you asked those bloggers how they did it ?

    For earlier questions.

    If you want it on one page, copy and paste it on the page you want it to be on.

    If you want it on all pages, copy and paste it in the header.php file you are using, in the theme you are using.

    If you switch themes often, it will have to be in the header php file for all themes you use.

    I use the br and hr markup to breakup my pages, and to delinate the ads on my sites.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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