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  • I posted recently on this, but made a mistake. I may simply need a program or plugin that accomplishes this, but here’s what I want to do:

    PLEASE NOTE: I’m not looking for a program that works with Amazon or any other online bookstore. I want all information to be input by the users.

    1) Create a form on a page created in WP for people to post book titles, authors, cover images, synopses, etc. (I know how to do this)
    2) Have the submitted info be placed into a database; each field should be a separate category or whatever in the database
    3) Have a post created with all this information placed into a post (which I can approve or disapprove for posting)
    4) Be able to search the information, not only by keyword, but also by category.

    EXAMPLE (and this is the kind of site I’m planning to create, but I’d like the program to be flexible, in that I could create other sites that do the same basic thing, but perhaps for other kinds of “collections,” like DVDs, recipes, hobbies, etc.):

    1) User visits my site, fills out form:
    a) Cover image
    b) Book title
    c) Author
    d) Publisher
    e) Synopsis
    2) User submits info, and info goes into database, with separate categories for cover image, title, author, etc. This info can be rearranged in any order, like any other database, and is searchable.
    3) Submitting info also puts it into a post, formatted however I want (or just one customizable format), which I approve or disapprove
    4) Visitors can search the info, view by category, etc., just like any WordPress site.

    Can anyone help me find a program or plugin like this, preferably free? If I can’t get something that does this and works with WordPress, I will consider other programs, so feel free to suggest them. Thank you.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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