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  1. aliceliddellblog
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    I am using the manifest template and have made a few small changes to the CSS. I've replaced the title with an image but now there's no link. I've looked into replacing the link and everyone says I have to update the html as well as css. But I don't know where to access the html so that I can alter it. Can anyone tell me how to find it? I pretty much need a "wordpress for dummies" explanation too please as I'm very new at this! Thanks.

  2. Looking at the link in your user profile I see which theme you are referring to. I also see that you're using a WordPress.COM blog. ;)

    You're in the wrong forum, ask in http://en.forums.wordpress.com instead. This is the support forum for self-installed WordPress.ORG software.

    For an article that explains the differences see this link.


    It's a common misunderstanding.

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