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  • I am interested in adding video capture to a website I am working on. I have researched different plugins, such as Vidrack, but can’t quite find the right solution.

    The goal:

    Visitors click a button and begin recording from their webcam. The video has a maximum of 90 seconds. They can replay it and review it before submitting it. Once it is submitted, the video will appear live on the website.

    It seems the mechanics of posting the content can be handled using forms similar to those for posting classified ads, except all the content is video content. This issue I am running into is how to record the video and have it stay hosted on the website. Even Vidrack appears to have the content appear privately and hosted on their website.

    I’ve also found VideoWhisper has a lot of capabilities, but I’m not sure if it can fulfill this one.

    Any suggestions??

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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