• Last year I found vCita from a college friend and I absolutely loved the easy scheduling to get on her calendar. I loved it so much I instantly signed up and tested it, it worked great. 2 weeks later, I upgrade to the premium version as I really wanted to take advantage of everything.

    I’m a Microsoft Outlook Expert, people search the internet for “Outlook Expert” and find my website that has the vCita plug-in, which instantly adds a more professional appeal. I used to get emails from clients, now instead I get bookings right away and comments that lead to sales. Since last February, I have over 800 bookings and many more comments. vCita also has saved me many hours of booking appointments with my prepay clients and just over all, no more “Let’s find a time…” back and forth. Now I just send them my link and it’s in their hands to find a good time. I can’t even believe I worked without it this long.

    The plug-in is so awesome, I put it in all of my SEO blogs as well as my main website http://www.callthatgirl.biz and I use the pop up, which attracts folks to get on my calendar.

    AAAAA++++++. Don’t change a thing here folks!

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