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  • I’m curious,
    I installed WP 3.5 on a site on a share server. This install was just going to be used for me to learn and experiment with WP. I installed WP in a folder with an name that doesn’t ref WP.

    There are no links from any web page that go to the WP page.

    Jetpack is the only plug in activated.

    I made my first test post.

    Then a few weeks later I get an email saying that there has been a comment to my post. I looked at the comment and sure enough it was a spam post for Canadian Pharmacy.

    My question is how did this spammer find my post? There are no links from anywhere to this WP post?
    Is there a security hole I need to plug?

    Thanks for your feed back

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  • In Settings -> Reading there is an option named “Site Visibility”, if it’s enabled, then probably crawlers are looking after your website.

    If the domain name is catchy, it might be also a crawler that’s looking for a guessable domains to spam at. There is also some slight chance for you to have fallen into some list of latest domain name registrations, or latest stats somewhere etc.

    Are you using Akismet – it’s the best anti-spam plugin that comes with WP – but you have to activate it. There are other additional steps you can take if you still have a problem with it activated.

    You can block bad robots/crawlers using robots.txt —- there are standard simple codes for doing this and then probably, you will not get spam from bots.

    Try to use Anti-spam plugin. It blocks spam automatically and without captcha.

    It is very easy to use: just install and it works silently for admin and for users.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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