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  • I’ve slowly been putting together an art gallery website. I’ve got WordPress running the main site, bbPress running the forum and Zenphoto for the gallery.

    I feel like it still needs something. Features? Interesting things in the sidebar.

    At this point the site may grow but it may not get better. Any idas about what I could do to improve the site?

    I’m open to all suggestion – from simple CSS changes to a major reworking – and I’m not at all afraid of a little negative feedback. I really just want to move the thing forward!


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  • Nothing? Come on! This is a rare chance for you to be as harsh as you like!!!

    first of all, I suggest you to add sifr for title and heading. it will look light years away better!


    What do you mean?

    I just looked ‘sifr’ up. Good idea. I’ll definitely look into that.

    feel free toask if you will have problems

    Agree, the title should be improved, just as mine needs as well.
    And if you can have some more to your side bar or move the bottom part to your right side, just under the video gallary.

    I like the basics, but I feel it lacks a little “punch”, and the art isn’t quite as front and centre as it possibly could be.

    Not sure on the sidebar as it looks like it’s ad heavy, as I have an adblock and there’s not much there at all.

    I think it perhaps lacks a little definition and sharpness all round, but as I say, I think the basics are all there and it looks nice, just a little flakey maybe?

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I’m slowly making some changes. Cleaning it up a little and trying to make it sharper. I replaced the top sidebar ad with a site promotional ad that leads people to the gallery or forum. I’ll add more to it soon.

    I’m also playing around with the colors and text to see if I can get it to look better that way.

    The header is a bigger project. I have a few ideas and will get to that soon.

    The nav bar really bugs me. Does anyone have any great examples of nav bars?

    I think that for my first website project Phauxshow is pretty decent, however, I want to push it as far as I am able. Everything I have ever learned was on forums and I really appreciate the people who took the time to help me out!

    Actually, I think it looks great. I am very impressed.

    To me, a website is about content, and you have great content with a fresh and easy to use layout. It is subtle and not overbearing.

    Best regards, –Konrad

    Thanks Konrad!

    I agree… the site looks great. I like the rotating image banner. Great content, easy to navigate. Well done.

    Looks great. Love the layout. Not very cluttered but very elegant. You really know your stuff!

    I like it. It’s very restrained and simple looking, but pleasant to look at. With the spare design elements and neutral palette, it really highlights your visual content well. The layout is great.

    Thanks StrangeAttractor,

    I intentionally made the design as understated as possible in order to highlight the art. I also use art from the gallery wherever I can on the front page. The more I look at it though, the more I want to strip it down even more like flickr or cafe press.

    I think my next more will include lots of white and a greater focus on typography.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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