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  • Hi all,

    I find the image alignment defaults to be very limiting. At present I can align left, right, center or none. If I align center then I can have one image per ‘line’, but if I were to put two images in the edit field, both aligned center with no line breaks between them, I’ll still get one image aligned center, then another below it also aligned center.

    This is a waste of space – what I would like to be able to do is put two or even three images all next to each other, but have the unit that is made up of the three of them aligned center so that there is equal white space to the left of the leftmost image and right of the rightmost image.

    I’m guessing that the only way to do this is to align them all to ‘none’, place them next to each other in the Edit Post markup, then wrap them in some inline styling code right there in the Edit Post box that aligns the whole lot center, but I can’t work out how to achieve this.

    In the long term I’d prefer it if I could do some CSS coding that recognises when multiple images are placed together and aligned center, and realise that I don’t want them all on separate lines.

    If anyone could show me what I’d need to do to achieve either or both of these potential solutions I’d be really grateful!


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  • Thanks but I’m afraid I don’t get how floating left or right will allow me to sit a pair or trio of images in the horizontal center of a post, all on the same line!

    If there’s a specific tutorial in any of the links that explains that, it would be great if you could link directly to it because I had a look through all of them and couldn’t see anything pertinent to my ‘centering’ issue.


    Hi everyone,

    I can’t believe that this functionality is missing from WordPress. I’ve seen so many people asking about it in various forums while searching for answers, and not a single solution that works. It beggars belief that such rich content management and blogging software doesn’t allow someone to place more than one image side by side, centered within the post width, without serious amounts of bodging code that doesn’t really work.

    How do I get in touch with the people that actually code WordPress to make a plea for some recognition of this feature request?


    Here’s how i did it:

    – First install TinyMCE Advanced plug-in ( from here).
    – Add the “Table options bar”
    – In each entry, add a table (with x cols and 1 rows) and set in the properties align->center.
    – In each cell of the table add a picture.

    There you go!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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