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  • My main domain, is a site of links and maps to drive-in movie theatres. Around 60 pages.

    Is there an easy way to convert it to a blog ? Putting the aerial photos, etc. in the database so its searchable ?

    Hmm. I appear to have been bitten by the blog insect…

    Anyway, it certainly would be easier to update.

    Thanks for any help.

    Search doesn’t show anything on this.

    Oh, and if there is a fairly easy method of doing that. I might work on my old ad&d first edition site… it has over 1,000 static pages, along with 800 pngs and zip files.

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  • You might be better off looking into a content management system like Drupal. I’m not saying that moving to WP wouldn’t be possible, but it would be a lot of work. Another option is that you could simply incorporate WordPress into your existing site, because that has been done by many folks too. This is probably your best option.

    Caveat: I’m not a coder.

    I looked at Drupal a few months ago as a cms… and there was something about I didn’t like but I don’t remember what. I think it may have been that it woyldn’t let me set it up as only one user, or maybe it was the docs. I know almost nothing about php.

    I did find a post in here about Ezstatic, but its looks mostly to be a manual way to include static pages into wp.

    Doesn’t appear to be a way to automate it though.

    I’m not a coder either.

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