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  • So I have a problem, all the products that I’m selling contain item descriptions are showing up in 2 places. The text that is written about an item for sale shouldn’t actually show up until a customer selects the item. For whatever reason I was informed that what I’m asking for requires changing the internal codes of software. Yet when I see other sites other people don’t seem to have item descriptions in 2 places. Is this really true? If you don’t mind looking at the site and letting me know if this is normal or you know a way I can make my products show up as only images with a price until you select them, then and only then the product will also contain a description.

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    In which theme?

    Using the twenty eleven theme



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    First, identify what ecommerce plugin you are using and then post in that plugin’s dedicated forum via its page in the Plugin Repository.

    So what im hearjng is the plug in and theme i have set will effect the display settings of the product listings? i will check the ecommerce plug in and see if that changes this useless feature. thanks for both responses btw.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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