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  • visinoni


    My usename is set to “admin” and I want it to be “luke”. My bosse’s username is his whole name and I just want it to be his first name. It won’t let me change either of them. I could deal with the admin one, but he doesn’t want to type in his whole name every time he logs in (it got changed to that somehow when we imported from an old wordpress blog).

    If I were to change the username directly in the database, would that mess anything up?

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  • Ma8thew


    This page says yes, you can just edit the database, but I would back up your database first, just to be sure.

    Similar problem here. I misspelled my username and would love to change it. Am completely new to this and still uncertain of what and how to do it. Would need step by step guidance. Can anyone help?

    You can make a new user, promote it to administrator and delete “admin” or whatever user you want to get rid off. Of course you can also use the database trick referred to by Matthew.

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