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  • ehong33234


    The latest release doesn’t allow me to modify the checkout/order-received page due to the new endpoints feature. How can I revise these endpoint pages such as order-received? I want to be able to customize it as needed such as providing customer instructions, adding print/save option, etc. etc.


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  • Yes please, I need this information also to add coding for affiliate tracking, etc. Does anybody know where to add this?

    Roy Ho


    @ehong33234 – why would you need to modify the endpoint to do that? You can either use action hooks or modify the template themselves if you want to add text to those pages.

    Woocommerce basically said you need to know PHP to make any edits. So were SOL.

    Roy Ho


    You could always source a developer to help you with that.

    That’s my point. They took a simple “edit page” feature into something layman site owners like myself who aren’t coders to pay for an easy mod. Paying is one thing convenience is another. Plus now I can’t use my short codes and plugins. Just a horrible uSer experience in my opinion.

    I am wondering how to place a tracking code on order complete endpoint.

    Roy Ho


    @chirag Vora – you can use this action hook woocommerce_thankyou



    I’m with @ehong33234 on this one – it used to be super easy to edit the ‘thank you page’ redirect after a user completes a checkout. As a small business owner sourcing a developer and paying him to do something that used to take me a minute to do myself with zero coding. Definitely a back-step in my opinion. What’s the easiest way to change the /order-received/ page to my own custom ‘thank you’ landing page?

    I did a lot of reading on this, and this is one of the best posts. It turns out, Action Hooks are the right way indeed. Sadly, I don’t know how to create or put one in.

    I am trying to embed a tracking code into the Order-Received endpoint…
    Anyone have any help on how to create and embed this Action Hook? Thanks.

    Woodocs is the best place to research that info. Here is a comprehensive list of the WooCommerce hooks:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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