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  • Add this to your css, edit accordingly.

    #logo {

    add this to your header.php file somewhere after the <div id=”header”> tag.

    <div id=”logo”>
    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”somewidthhere” height=”someheighthere” border=”0″/ >

    OMG… there’s about 20 files in my CSS folder. Do you which one I need to edit?



    your main style.css the one that has the information for the #header div


    I still can’t seem to find it. Do you know in which folder it is supposed to be? And what’s the exact name of the file?

    Thanks for your help

    well you could try just replacing the normal coding for the blog title in the header with your logo image if it has the code where you type in the blog title and it shows in your banner.

    ?? Gbaka… can you be a bit more explicit… I’m really new at WordPress… I’ve never tried this thing before… I’m a pute HTML person so these CMSs are new and unchartered territory for me…

    🙁 HTML is soooooo much simpler… but these guys want to be able to update the site themselves so that’s why I suggested to them WordPress…

    🙁 hummmmm ?

    should be in your themes main folder

    wow- I did all of what was told to me above and I still can’t see it.

    No matter what I do it’s still the classic theme that shows up.

    We still cannot see the logo or anything like that.

    Any clues? I need to get this darn thing off the ground!


    link to your site please

    do you need the admin password as well?

    It’s easier to start with a theme that already has an image in the header, then just edit that image…in my opinion. See the following videos for details on how to edit Kubrick…should be able to do essentially the same thing with any theme that uses an image for the header.

    How to Edit the Kubrick WordPress Theme

    Figaro! Thank you for a GREAT video! I will try that right away.

    Just one question though: I went to the wordpress site and I looked at all the themes it offers but I can’t find the Kubrick theme though.

    I Google search didn’t get the results either.

    Do you know where I can get Kubrick?

    Thanks again 🙂

    It’s the default theme in WP.

    Hummm… not in mine. My default theme is that classic blue that was there initially when I downloaded the default install.

    Do you know where can I go on the WordPress site to get Kubrick?


    Kubrick is the default theme. Not the classic theme but default.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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