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  • How do we podcast now with the new 2.0 version. Before I was adding the path to my file in the enclosure section at the bottom of the admin page.

    Anything diferent now or an easier way? I guess I could search for a plugin?

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  • I guess it’s as easy as just linking to the full url path of the mp3 in the body of the post but how do we get a specific RSS feed for podcast posts only?

    Also how do we add all the enclosures to the feed to satisfy iTunes?

    Thx for any help.

    This does not seem to be working in 2.0
    in 1.5.2, putting a link w/an absolute path put an automatic enclosure tag in the feed, including length and type.

    Now, no tag, nada. I can manually enter it, but not with the length and type, which was so handy in 1.5.2

    the enclosure tags show up for me in my RSS feed for 2.0. Check your rss feed.

    Yea but there’s nothing in there about the new 2.0 version and how it treats podcasting now. Also how do we go about editing things for all teh iTunes tags?

    this I know, also

    Important: Use a complete, absolute URI when linking to the audio file. Otherwise WordPress will not make an enclosure for it.

    It worked in 1.5.2
    It does not in 2.0, for me and others.

    ANyone have any idea how to enclose the itunes taggs too?

    This is true, I have been trying to get this to work for 3 days now through this forum without any luck. Podcasting is completely broken in 2.0, getting it to work is random at best. I tried turning off the cache, even rebuilding the whole instalation because god forbid you change a post after getting the enclosure to work as the rss will not update the change on the post if it includes a new mp3.

    It seems that WordPress is not a reliable podcasting mechanism which is unfortunate as I have a few people who would like to use it for that.

    Trip –

    There is a manual fix that I picked up from Tom Rafferty’s IT site:

    The solution –

    • In the Write Post screen in WordPress, go to the Advanced section
    • There, go to the bottom section labeled “Add a new custom field to this post
    • Where it says, Key, type enclosure
    • Where it says, Value, enter the URL of the MP3 you wish to podcast
    • Click Add Custom Field

    For subsequent Podcasts, choose Enclosure from the Key dropdown in the Advanced posting mode and add the URL of the mp3 as before.


    Thanks for the tip.
    I have been doing exactly as you suggest.
    Wordpress 1.5.2 worked automatically for me as well, 2.0 does not.

    The only problem with manually entering the enclosure tag is that it does not fill the “length” and “type” parameters, so subscribers can’t know how big the file is, or if it’s audio or video
    While I like the new look and feel, I resisted upgrading because I was wondering about “surprises”.
    The automatic enclosures in the RSS feed (and the automatic RSS feeds themselves) are the main reasons I was interested in WordPress in the first place.

    Of course, it is free 🙂

    Yeah, Strangely 2.0 was working for me but just stopped all of a sudden. I am going to file a bug report on this. Good luck – Trip

    seems 2.0 podcasting working for me. Atleast the rss feed has the enclosures. Anyone know how to make an rss feed from my podcasting category?

    I wrote a plugin to make enclosure creation simpler. Check it out at It’s my first try at this sort of thing, so your comments are definitely welcome

    I’m using Kyle’s plugin and it works great!
    Thanks for writing it…fantastic to have the fleibility it offers.

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