How can we always have the same post on top in the Home page (3 posts)

  1. livethelife
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    We have a blog http://www.livethelife.tv and our homepage shows the most recent posts.
    As we had the comment that visitors easily click on home and expect a description of the site, we would like to create a post that will always stay on top on the home page and describes our site briefly.
    Anybody any idea how we can do this ?
    I've been searching, but could not find anything.


  2. Couple ways.

    1. Search for a WordPress plugin called "Sticky" or similar. You may have to look for one that specifically works with your blog's version of WordPress.

    2. Use a static home page.

  3. Indojepang
    Posted 8 years ago #

    the hardway,

    search for Query_posts(), in_category() and the Loop

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