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  • Hi!
    As already mentioned in my last post ( ) I wondered whether users with the same level can edit each other in the new release or whether it’s possible to achieve that already in v. 0.72.
    (So, what would I have to do to get there?)

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    P.S.:I ment editing each others post, not each others user profile….

    Good catch — however, I’m guessing the reasoning was one of ‘security’. So, in interests of keeping the ability to have some group of users that CAN’T edit each others’ posts, I’d modify the above to:

    if (($user_level > $authordata->user_level) or ($user_level >= 5 and $user_level == $authordata->user_level) or ($user_login == $authordata->user_login)) {

    The addition there is to make it so that you have to either be a great level OR the same level but of level >= 5… i.e., users of level 4 or less can only edit their own posts or someone of a lower level, but at level 5 you can ALSO edit posts of people at the same level.
    I’m sure the combination of your find, plus enhancements, will allow people to configure this to their desire. Maybe this ‘equal-level-editors’ thing can become an wp setting in the future.

    Hi – I read this post with interest. I am a new user here and would like to be able to let high level users edit each others posts. But not being much on programming, am a bit nervous about going in and editing the php without being really sure where I am. Is it possible to get a copy of a suitably modified edit.php file or at least some additional info as to what needs to be changed to try out on my installation? I am using version 0.72
    My aim is to use wordpress as an area where people can collaborate on writing a book. This involves them being able to add content as new entries as well as being able to add comments directly INTO an existing post by using the edit function
    I am also having problems editing profiles when using Mozilla 1.4 (default browser). Always get message
    1. SQL/DB Error —
    2. [Unknown column ‘martciel’ in ‘where clause’]
    Cleared cookies as per earlier post but no joy. Problem does not occur with IE

    I’d suggest you’d post a new topic for your last question.
    And you should upgrade to wp 1.0.1 rc1.
    The changes above aren’t really secure.
    (That’s what I think. But I’m no good at PHP, so I might be wrong.)
    I e-mailed matt and asked him.
    as soon as I have his opinion, I’ll be glad to shre my edit.php (though it’s really easy to edit).

    I haven’t checked yet, and this post refered to v. 0.72. (looong time ago. 😉
    So I was wondering whether this feature is now built into WP.
    Or, if not, what would one have to change now, since WP changed quite a bit.

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