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  • I managed to get wpmu working.
    I can get to the /main where my stuff is kept.
    How do I let users create their own blogs on there?

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  • I haven’t even been able to get that far with wpmu. All I get are errors when I try to install. Did you have to do anything to any of the files before installing besides changing the db info. (db name, username, password)?


    OK. I finally got it installed but I can’t figure out how to have users add blogs. I’m at the same place you are now. I suggest that if nobody else responds to this post the two of us should at least get back here with whatever we figure out to get this done. Deal?

    I tried and i tried to use this for a community project i have been working on. I gave up.

    I am using 1.5 and offering journal accounts to people

    users may register, but i have to promote them to “authors”
    and level 5 to post pictures.

    so far, it’s the honor system that asks people to only post in their own category.

    i have to create their category (i do it when i promote them to “author” status.

    users can view their own journal alone by linking to domain/category/username (done with premalinks)

    and so far there are 18 users and everyone’s happy and been good about only posting to their own category (for which abusing this only rule is deletion.)

    simple to set up, using a combination of “if” php queries in the sidebar, and scott’s customizable post listings it’s pretty easy to customize.

    working on a by user style sheet loader which the cookie remembers now.

    the WPMU seems to be just way too complex to co exist with other installs of WP, and doesn’t seem to actually offer real multi user blogs.

    I figured it out!
    If you simply type in
    then a screen appears that prompts you for the information of the new blog.
    The new blog will be in the directory you typed in.
    The user can input their name and email address and an email is sent to them to tell them their password, just like it was when you set up the main account at install time.

    This assumes that you installed in the root directory otherwise I think that
    will accomplish the same thing.

    That worked for creating the blog but when I try to view it by clicking view site I get the following errors:

    Warning: Smarty error: problem creating directory “/252a5f71700c1b3d4b095d03a2054ae7/%%200/%%2001463753” in /home/golddave/public_html/wpmu/wp-inst/Smarty.class.php on line 1042

    Warning: Smarty error: problem writing temporary file ‘/252a5f71700c1b3d4b095d03a2054ae7/%%200/%%2001463753/41e53e34a876c’ in /home/golddave/public_html/wpmu/wp-inst/Smarty.class.php on line 1042

    Warning: Smarty error: unable to read template resource: “index.html” in /home/golddave/public_html/wpmu/wp-inst/Smarty.class.php on line 1042

    Oh, I see, I have no idea, I’d have to start digging in the code. That could take forever.


    I tried downloading the on from 2005-01-12 and it did the same thing as it did to you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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