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    I’m trying to figure how to have photos associated with particular posts overlap the sidebar. For example, post 17 has a layout with a sidebar on left that reaches halfway down page, then entry is on right with second half of entry offset to further right. I’d like the photo to go into that whitespace on the left of the second half of the entry–overlapping the post and sidebar.

    Is it possible? Do I have to create image maps, then do an ‘if’ call on the sidebar content to place half the image then the other part in te post? The website is: and I’d like the images to the left of the recipes directions and over the unused space of the sidebar. So lost! Please help!

    i guess looking at an entry on the site would explain it best. please go to or to see layout. I’m using the Kubrik theme on wordpress ver. 2.2.1


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  • Hello out there…Can anyone help!? I want images in certain posts to stretch over onto the side bar…Is it possible? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you,


    I am afraid, the desing/layout things don’t work in that way. See the outlined block level elements in your website:
    If you have an image in a div (like where your posts go) it will stay inside that div (parent element).

    First of all your layouts are quite nice.
    You may have to do some adjusting because what you want to do cannot be done with the sidebar “boundaries” or edges. They do not allow overlap. The structure of my website has a left and right sidebar and they are pretty much in their own worlds. I have to work inside each of them separately.

    If you are able to widen your main section of your website you could put photos next to your cooking instructions. I see you are using CSS and that makes more possible inside the same workspace, but unless you make the whole webpage one sidebar or workspace (I hope you understand), you probably will not succeed in overlaping the implied left side sidebar wall.

    Don’t give up. We all go through the pains of website design. Sometimes all I have is to learn more code. It will work out. Talk to your webdesigner and consider making it all one page with the left sidebar embedded inside the main page only tucked over at the left. The table on the left could perhaps be part of the template for all your pages so it will be on each of your posts.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    Thank you so much Moshu and BatteryB! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to write back and for your advice :-))

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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