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    Hi there,
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to use genericons or font awesome icons in my ‘posted by’, ‘author’ and ‘comments’ meta. I found a genericons file in the FIRST editor, but it says it’s been deprecated. Does FIRST have genericons for date, author and a comments balloon in the same style as the icons for categories and tags that are currently in the entry footer data? (I’d eventually like to put all the meta together in the entry footer.) Is there an empty comments balloon or an empty heart that I can try to put comment numbers in? If so, how can I access a list of what icons are available in FIRST and the code for them? I’ll study the code for the categories icon in the entry footer to try and learn how to use icons, but first I need to know if they’re already set up in FIRST somewhere, ready to be called.

    As always, any feedback is appreciated.

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  • Theme Author Takao Utsumi


    Genericons are not ready to be called. So if you want to use it, you need to call it manually (you need to customize the theme).

    Thank you! Good to know. As a beginner, I only discover what’s possible by trying, experimenting, looking online and then asking for advice when I get really stuck. This kind of customisation is something I can aspire to learn in the future. Best wishes.

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