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  • I’ve downloaded the XHTML and CSS of this template and have created an index.php and style.css and uploaded it to my theme dir. I’ve also addedd the required info at the top of the css sheet but when I try to view the page none of the style sheet is used. Can anyone tell me why this won’t work with WordPress?

    Right now I’m just trying to get the general layout to work, after that I’ll start adding the WordPress stuff to it.

    Any suggestions?

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I’ve gone through a good deal of those theme sites and others as well. None are what I’m looking for really – thus the reason I’d rather start from stratch and do it the way I want.

You wouldn’t happen to know how to convert the template I posted into a WP theme would you?


Did you create a header.php, a footer.php, page.php, etc? I’m pretty sure those files are needed for the theme to work. Also, did you add all the wordpress template tags into your theme?

You need at minimum one each of the files included within the wordpress classic theme folder….

spirit892 & vkaryl – Neither of your solutions work. I’ve taken the classic theme files and edited them to work with the linked template above and I get nothing but the same results.

Anyone else got any ideas?


ps. The test site is:

Mods – you can delete this thread. I’ve found the problem.


Nope, no delete-y…. we’d like you to post what you did to fix it so the next poor soul can perhaps find the thread (assuming “normal” search ever gets fixed) and get help….

And if you consider it “resolved” perhaps you’d be so kind as to change the dropdown above to reflect the new state?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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