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  • Hey Guys
    I am a freelancer and also a guest post blogger. I have four years of experience in the field. I have worked on several projects, both big and small. I am very reliable, and I always deliver quality work on time. I have a very good client satisfaction rate.
    However, now I want to start my website on WordPress. As you know, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Millions of people around the globe use it. WordPress is free and open-source software. But some themes and plugins are not free.
    I have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. I know how to create a website from scratch. But I don’t know much about WordPress. So can you please help me out with this?
    How can I solve the error “Error establishing a database connection”?
    How can I create a website on WordPress? What are the steps involved?
    Which are the best themes and plugins for WordPress?
    How can I get started with WordPress?
    How can I make my WordPress website faster?
    Where can I get coupons or deals for advanced WordPress Themes and Plugins?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi symakhan,

    There are several resources on this website that will help you start with WordPress. For example:

    As for the Error establishing a database connection, the reasons for this error can vary. As long as the database server is up and running and the database has been created for your new installation, the next thing to check IMO would be the database connection details found in wp-config.php file.

    The best themes and plugins for WordPress is a matter of personal choice. The plugins extend the functionality and for that reason, the plugin(s) you need depends on what you want your site to do. For example if you are planning to sell online, then you need to use an eCommerce plugin, like WooCommerce. Likewise, the theme determines the styling of your frontend, so depending on your site requirements, the theme that best fits to you, is also a personal choice.

    The WordPress repository hosts several different plugins and themes, that cover a wide variety of functionality and personal taste, but the important point is to first decide what your site is about and what features should it cover.

    As for the performance of your site, you might need to get your hands dirty for this one. First, you should locate those features that make your site slow and then try to work out what exactly is the reason that makes them slow. All this process involves working knowledge on development and the technologies used by WordPress. However, judging by your topic, I think you should first get acquainted with WordPress in general and then proceed step-by-step.

    Last but not least, premium plugins and themes are hosted(usually), handled and supported by their respective developers. For that reason, the best place to look for such deals is the channels that provide those premium addons.

    Kind regards,

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