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  • Resolved NuriaSerrat


    It’s possible to restore data after delete or unistall sendpress plugin?
    I had problems with the last version ( previous ones were perfect!), and when I have tried to come back , unfortunately I have deleted the extension. Any help will be great! Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author itdoug


    If you delete the plugin and tell WordPress to delete the data then you would need to have a backup of your database to get the data back. Do you have a backup?

    I appreciate the response

    Yes. I have a backup in xml form but I can’t import it, because database tables are not installed and the importer tell me I have an error in my SQL syntaxis. any idea?

    A part of this, when I install again the plugin it runs very very slowly. This lead me to think than I’ve something wrong in my files, but I don’t know what’s the matter.

    Please, I love this plugin and I would like use it again even if I can’t restore my data!

    Plugin Author itdoug


    The XML import probably won’t work since the tables are not there. Do you happen to have a SQL database backup? That would be the best way to restore things. If you reinstall the plug-in (if you don’t have a backup) you can submit the support information about the plug-in here in the forum. We might be able to figure out if the tables are getting reinstalled properly.

    Please click the following link for instructions on what info to provide support. Just be sure to remove your URL from the output since this is a public forum.

    Not sure where you are hosted at the moment, but sometimes your web host could have a database backup.

    I have a backup in sql. Anyway, my problem now it’s that after uninstall the plugin I’m not able to instal it again. The new version -that already ran very slowly the first time I tried it-, now shows a [MySQL server has gone away] error when I active the plugin.

    I copy here the information but I have not copied it at this moment. It belongs to some days ago, when I still have the plugin on. Now I can not get the data. I hope it would be useful. Thanks again I’m really interested in use the plugin!.

    ### Begin System Info ###
    ## Please include this information when posting support requests ##

    Multi-site: No
    SP Version:
    WordPress Version: 3.6.1
    Platform: Windows
    Browser Name: Firefox
    Browser Version: 24.0
    User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:
    24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24. 0

    Database Tables:
    wp_sendpress_subscribers_event Not Installed
    wp_sendpress_report_url Not Installed
    wp_sendpress_subscribers_status Not Installed
    wp_sendpress_subscribers Not Installed
    wp_sendpress_list_subscribers Not Installed
    wp_sendpress_queue Not Installed

    Sending Method: website
    PHP Version: 5.2.17
    MySQL Version: 5.0.51a-24+lenny5-log
    Web Server Info: Apache
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    PHP Post Max Size: 64M
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP Table Prefix: Length: 3 Status: Acceptable
    Show On Front: posts
    Page On Front: #0
    Page For Posts: #0
    Session: Disabled
    Session Name: PHPSESSID

    Plugin Author itdoug


    I think your issue is MySQL 5.0. Some folks have had issues with it and we don’t support it because it’s so old and we can’t test. Probably you are stuck in an unusual situation because of the removal. I’ll check with a couple developers tomorrow to see if they have any thoughts.

    I would recommend upgrading to at least MySQL 5.1 in general.

    Thank-you. My hosting provider notice me that I’m already using MYSQL 5.1.

    Plugin Author itdoug


    Okay. That is helpful. I did speak to one of the developers today and he is going to see if he can write up some instructions for you that will allow you to reset the flag that causes the tables to be installed when the plug-in gets activated. As soon as I have those instructions I will either post them or have the developer update the forum.

    That’s fine. I will appreciate very much your help.

    Any more help? Some instructions? It would be perfect to restore the plugin. If not feasible, I’m going to replace it with another one if it exists. Hopefully not need. Thanks in advance…

    Plugin Author itdoug


    We actually have a release going out either tonight or tomorrow that will give you the option to reinstall the database tables from within the plug-in. That should let you either restore the data or just build it back up from scratch. Keep an eye out for 0.9.6.

    Sorry but I can’t install 0.9.6. I’ve got a [MySQL server has gone away] error when I active the plugin, and it is not possible to follow.

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi NuriaSerrat,

    Would you be willing to upload a prerelease version of the plugin? i am not exactly sure what is causing your issue but i may know how to fix it.


    Yes, agree. I try to copy sendpress archives from an old backup?

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Here is a new version if you can unzip it and replace the sendpress files on your server this i think will fix your issue.


    Thanks Josh… but Bad news. I have copied the files unloaded and it seems doesn’t work. Wp-admin is slow and it show again the WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away] . Error in wp_options table. …¿?

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