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  • I am not using wordpress myself, i am hosting PivotX, but.
    As a visual artist, i am using the TagClouds of other wordpress users for my performances.
    Until now, i manually copy/paste the cloud and have written a javascript function that converts the font sizes back into text, so i can copy paste a csv from the browser.
    That has several disadvantages:

    • The Script fails with customized tag clouds showing up <Span>s and additional <font> tags.
    • Overall, dismantling the wp_tag_cloud div is reveiling the data but not easy to automate. And far from elegant.
    • the cloud is a record in time, whereas the fascination is all about semantic web, querology and live content. I’d really prefer implementing the query in my VJ patches.

    So, i’d like to retrieve the list of tags of arbitrary authors without having their API credentials, as e.g. the wp.getTags() function would need, i guess. Included be the popularity, preferrably in XML or JSON Format.

    Any profound help greatly appreciated!

    PS.: I tried posting this in WP advanced, but was not allowed.

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