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  • Is there a way to reorganize my blog. The blog is a bit unique, it being created as though written in 1933 with the dates from 77 years ago coinciding with the dates this year. Thus, the first post was on May 8, the second May 9, etc. which correspond to the dates on which my mother wrote letters home.

    When I started all was fine. I made the first post sticky, as a kind of “about” post. Several letters follow as posts to that page.
    I have also started a new “page” which begins with her arrival in Chicago. Posts on that page are scheduled to begin in a week or so.

    What I would like to do is make a separate page out of the first post and have it appear in the side bar, and then add the posts in the second page moved to the first page and be inserted as new posts there rather than as a separate page. I hope that is clearer than mud.

    The site is Trudel’s Truth

    I would like to avoid rewriting posts I have already written if possible.

    This is going to be a huge project taking a year to complete with over 200 handwritten pages of letters being converted to blog posts. Anything I can do to make life easier will be appreciated.

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