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  • The title pretty much describes what I’m trying to do. I am familiar with making changes using the editor.

    I am trying to get that whole white space removed in order to bring the header image to the top.

    helirealtors dot com

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  • Make sure to save your code in a text editor before you edit it.
    Find this section of code in header.php:

    [code moderated – please use the pastebin]

    Once you find it, you will notice that what I have and what you have are different, in a way. Delete the parts of your code until it matches what I have. Remember to be in the right section. Once you find this code, edit it until it matches what I have. Once you do that, the white space will be gone. You will not have to edit that much. Just make sure the codes match and Bingo! It is worth it!

    Disregard post

    I think I got it. Thank you so much for your help! If you see anything wrong, please let me know.

    Great job!

    I actually removed it for now but it is a nice touch.

    Sorry to be a pest but how would I make that first blog post not look like a blog post (ie remove comment, date etc..).

    I’ve been using WP for a long time with my site angryweb dot net but I never had to make it NOT look like a blog.

    You have been a great help munny!

    What you need to do is copy all the content from the post and paste it into a page. Name the page “Home”. Go to “Reading” under “Settings” and change the Front Page Static Page to your new page that you just created (Home). This should do the trick.



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    don’t neglect to use the forum search, as these questions have been asked and answered before (after all – you are working with the latest default theme) – and don’t forget to work with a child theme instead of editing the default Twenty Eleven directly.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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