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    Have some questions:

    How Can I remove the opportunity to switch between the differnt layouts?

    I have tried: exclude_layouts=’Thumbnail, List’ but the images with the three different layout types still displays.

    I have remove the sidebar but now the products are too right. How can I make them more flush the the right?

    And as posted before all product images are not diplaying. Have uploaded the images four times but its not working.

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  • Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Can you post a link to your product page? You might want to check whether you’ve got writing permissions for your plugins folder; it sounds like the images aren’t making it onto your server.

    For the images being too far right, add this to your custom CSS for the catalogue:

    .prod-cat-inner {float:left;}

    The tabs shouldn’t be displaying, but if they are, you can get rid of them with this CSS:

    .upcp-thumb-toggle-icon {display:none;}

    I’m having the same problem using the

    exclude_layouts=’Detail, List’

    text to try and remove the top bar, but I’m not sure where you insert that CSS text mentioned above?

    Okay, ignore that post, I’ve found it now – oops

    Hi, I just purchased the PRO version and am having a couple of issues.

    I have the code:
    [product-catalogue id=’1′ sidebar=’no’ starting_layout=’Detail’ exclude_layouts=’Thumbnail, List’]

    in my page but the exclude_layouts does not make the switching go away.

    Also, where do I add Custom CSS for this:

    .prod-cat-inner {float:left;}

    I don’t see a place for adding custom work.


    Plugin Author Rustaurius



    For the layouts, the attribute is “excluded_layouts” (with a “d” at the end of exclude).

    If you click on a catalogue on the “Catalogues” page, there should be a textbox where you can add customm CSS for a catalogue.

    Let me know if you’re still having a problem.

    Ah ok I copied the code from the FAQ section so that’s why I have excludes.

    I will try that. Thanks!

    That worked great. I found the custom CSS as well.

    However, adding this code to remove the icons:
    .upcp-list-toggle-icon {display:none;}
    .upcp-thumb-toggle-icon {display:none;}

    They are still there. Any way to kill them? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Can you post a link to the page?

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Oh, you mean to get rid of the last icon?


    Yeah I’m an idiot. I didn’t look at it properly. I see what it is now. Sorry about that and thank you!

    To adjust the width of the list view, what code should I use?

    Also, if I want to change the limit of the number or characters in the list view description, how would I do that?


    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    To make the list description longer, you’d want to change lines 383 and 386 of the file “Shortcodes.php”, in the “Functions” folder.

    For the width, you’d need to go into .css file and increase the width of all of the elements with ‘detail’ in the class name.

    Hello guys,

    Can you please inform me how can I remove the multiple image slider from the product page?

    It is useless form me since I have only 1 picture from each product (it is not necessary when your catalogue contains car cleaning products).

    One more question: how can I translate it? I would like to use it on my mature language (Hungarian). (The front office would be fair enough)

    And the last one:
    How can I add a contact form after each item?
    I am using the contact from 7 and I would like to add one contact form after each item I have listed.

    Guide me please.

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Rustaurius



    You can get rid of the slider by adding this to the custom CSS:

    .prod-cat-addt-details-thumbs-div {display:none;}

    To translate, there’s another thread in the support forum where you might be able to get more help:

    I don’t think that adding a contact form after each image would be possible using CF7. You would need to edit the file “Shortcodes.php”, and it would be something pretty complex to do.

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